Our Story

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Life's Better In Bed

At Doze, that's the motto we live by.

Our story begins a few years ago when Doze Co-Founder, Brendan Rice, was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sophomore at the University of Wisconsin.

As he prepared to move from the dorms to his first apartment, there was a much to be done. He had furniture to buy, a fridge to stock full of beer, and he had to find a new mattress to snooze on.

Everything was going smoothly until it was time to buy the mattress. Instinctively, he went to a local mattress store… Fast forward four hours later to an exhausted Brendan holding onto a mattress that had been hastily strapped to the top of his friend's car.

The four hour ordeal he had just endured included trips to 5 different mattress stores, browsing through hundreds of confusing choices, and dealing with sales people who seemed to think their type of "fantasy dream super fly luxury foam" was the best thing since sliced bread.

Bottom Line

Shopping for a new mattress sucked and was something he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy. Three years later, Brendan and Russell (the other, slightly less attractive Co-Founder) met when they both joined Venture for America. Venture for America is a two-year fellowship program that places recent college grads at startups in emerging cities to build businesses, create jobs, and help the community.

As their friendship blossomed, mattresses re-entered the conversation. They both had experienced the horrors of mattress shopping firsthand and knew there had to be a better way. With that in mind, they went back to square one, asking themselves "how could we make buying a mattress awesome?"

Turns out it's pretty simple

Start with a really, really, ridiculously comfortable mattress:

  1. Take out the confusing choices and fancy terms
  2. Sell it for a reasonable price
  3. Offer easy delivery
  4. Create a simple & transparent return policy

These characteristics became the foundation of Doze. Today, people across the country fall asleep on a Doze mattress every night. Whether you're a college student, like Brendan was, ready to buy your first mattress or anyone else - we can't wait to help you get a mattress you'll love.

Meet The Founders

Brendan Rice

Brendan Rice   |   Co-Founder

Brendan hails from Boulder, Colorado and graduated from The University of Wisconsin (go Badgers). When he's not Dozing, he can be found admiring red pandas at the nearest zoo, snowboarding down some mountains, or jumping up & down while listening to Skrillex. He enjoys watching The Office or Parks & Rec every night before drifting off to sleep on his Doze Mattress.

Russell Suskind

Russell Suskind   |   Co-Founder

From the moment he was born, Russell was destined to start a mattress company. The Syracuse University grad (Go Orange!) is known to fall asleep standing up. When not snoozing, Russell can be found coaching hockey, playing hockey, tuning into a Florida Panthers/Miami Dolphins game, or watching a rom com.