Sleep Like a Pro: Sierra Blair-Coyle

In this series, we chat with some pros who dream on a Doze to see how they get the sleep they need to be on top of their game.

Our next installment of "Sleep Like a Pro" features Sierra Blair-Coyle. The 23-year-old Arizona native has been competing professionally as a rock climber since the age of 14. Voted one of the Top 99 Most Outstanding Women of 2015 by AskMen, she has also been a World Cup Competitor (2010-2016), and was a two-time National Champion as a junior competitor. Read on to hear more about the sleep routines she practices while traveling all over the world to climb!

Why is getting a good night's sleep important to you?
I feel so much better when I'm well-rested. It affects my health, mood, ability to train, etc. The more I travel and the older I get, I really understand how important sleep is to my well-being.
Would you consider yourself more of a night owl or a morning person?
I am definitely more of a morning person. I love waking up early and being productive early in the day.
Do you have any bedtime rituals?
My bedtime rituals are pretty standard--wash my face, brush my teeth, and drink some water.  Sometimes I read before bed as well, but it just depends on how engrossed I am in the book I'm reading at the time.
What's the first thing you do after waking up?
The first thing I do after waking up is check my e-mail and social media accounts.
Do you make your bed in the morning or leave it messy?
I leave my bed messy in the morning, but it looks so much better when I make it!  Every once in a while I set a goal to make my bed everyday…it usually last about 3 days, and then I go back to my messy bed look.
Is there anything you bring on the road with you when you're traveling to help you sleep better?
I usually bring a blanket with me. Hotels don’t have very warm blankets and it’s nice to have a piece of home with me.
Is there something you do to calm your nerves for sleep the night before a big climbing competition?
Reading helps calm my nerves. I think it’s all about giving yourself a good distraction and letting your mind wander somewhere else for a while.
Do you have any memorable (good or bad) sleeping arrangements from climbing around the world?
I slept for 16 hours straight once in Japan (I was really jet lagged)!  That was my best sleep.  My worst sleep was also in Japan…we were staying at a run-down, scary hotel that only had single rooms. I was terrified to stay by myself in my own room, so I had to share a twin bed with my mom!  Neither of us slept very well that night.
And lastly, how are you liking your Doze mattress?
I love my Doze mattress! It’s comfy and helps me get the good night’s rest that I need.


To see Sierra in action, check out her rocking Insta, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. 

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