Ship Happens: Shipping Questions You've Always* Wanted to Ask

*Okay so maybe not always...

While the Doze mattress-building elves are busy prepping your Doze for snoozing, we thought you might have a few burning questions that we could help answer!

When can I expect my Doze to arrive??

No matter where you  live, your mattress is going to arrive in just 2-5 business days (unless you selected the 'ship later' option at checkout). So sit tight, maybe take a nap or two, and it’ll be there before you know it! 


Do I need to be home when my mattress is delivered?

Nope! We ship via FedEx Ground, with no signature required, so your presence is not required. But it can be if you want. Maybe play some walk-up music. Roll out the red carpet. Alert the paparazzi. (Or pupparazzi.)


Can I schedule a delivery time window?

We don’t yet offer the ability to schedule a specific delivery time window. However, if you want real-time updates on your delivery, it’s easy to sign up for text notifications. Just have your tracking number handy, follow this link, and select “request notifications”.

Remember, you don’t need to be home or sign for your delivery!


What if it gets delivered before I move in??

Haven’t you always dreamed of arriving to a mattress on your doorstep? No? Just us? Alright then…

We’ll do our best to coordinate time so your mattress isn’t waiting for too long. But if you’re worried about it beating you home just let us know by contacting We can either work with your landlord or property manager to coordinate a successful delivery or we can request the package to be held at a local FedEx distribution center.

How do you fit a mattress in a box?

If it fits, I sits.

And in this case, we vacuum seal and compress your Doze mattress so it rolls nicely up into a manageable box and can be delivered right to your door–


Woah, woah, woah. Slow down. I’ve got more questions.

Go on.....


How do you compress it?

It’s actually pretty cool. First, we wrap it in a thick, protective plastic bag (imagine a ziplock x100). Then your Doze goes through a machine that’s just like a giant rolling pin, compressing it and rolling it right up into a snuggly little package. We then slip this package into a manageable box, so you can skip the mattress store and get right to snoozing.

If I don’t love my Doze, how do I return it?

Well, we know it's going to be love at first sleep ;) But in the case you don’t absolutely love your Doze mattress, we’ll coordinate a pickup by a local charity or recycling company. We’ll simultaneously issue a full return so you can get that ca$h money back in your pocket. Just shoot an email to or give us a call at (954) 510 - 5261 and we'll take care of you! 


Awesome, thanks. In unrelated news, any good music recommendations?

Absolutely. Here are some top picks from our team:

Russell - Cleopatra by The Lumineers 

Molly - Everything Shakey Graves has ever done, ever.

Brendan - Pegboard Nerds on repeat.