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The Big Spoon Dilemma

Posted on January 20, 2017

By: Russell Suskind

Where do you put your other arm when playing the big spoon? You're probably thinking, “Wow, that's a great question, Russell. I always struggle with this and have been wondering the same thing for years." Well, wonder no more my friends. We here at Doze couldn't let this mystery go unsolved any longer, so we took a deep dive into the world of big spooning by exploring some common positions and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.

Through extensive research, interviews, and our own personal testing, here's what we found... 

*Disclaimer: Spooning is for everyone and can be done by anyone. A man can spoon a man. A woman can spoon a woman. A woman can play the big spoon while a man plays the little spoon. For simplicity, our graphics use a male big spoon and a female big spoon. 


1. The Sleepy Arm

Spooning - Sleepy Arm

Positioning: This position is like giving someone a big hug from behind. Wrap one arm over the little spoon while tucking the other arm under the little spoon.

Strengths: This is a great position for showing affection. It's the classic spoon!  

Weaknesses: Let’s be honest, this isn’t comfortable for anyone. Your arm will definitely fall asleep.

Analysis: While this position conveys a high level of affection, it’s not practical long term. This is what I like to refer to as a "roll out" position. It’s great to start with for about 30 minutes but you’re going to want to roll over to avoid your arm falling asleep.




2. The Limp Arm A.K.A The Amateur Hour

Awkward Arm Spoon

Positioning: One arm wrapped around the little spoon and one arm awkwardly hanging to your side.

Strengths: None. I don’t even know why we’re considering this an option for arm placement. If you find yourself in this position, you're spooning wrong. 

Weaknesses: Everything about this position is a weakness.

Analysis: Grow up, Peter Pan, and act like this isn’t your first time spooning. This position is more awkward than my first kiss during the Johnson Family Vacation. Either battle through the discomfort of having your arm fall asleep or renounce spooning all together before settling for this awkward position. 




3. The Hide and Go Peek

Hide and Go Peak Spooning

Positioning: Place one arm around the little spoon while tucking your other arm under the pillow.

Strengths: This is my bread and butter spooning move. Unlike the "sleepy arm," you can comfortably fall asleep in this position. 

Weakness: There's still a risk of your arm falling asleep in this position. Also, you're going to want to make sure you're wearing extra deodorant.  

Analysis: You know that feeling when you roll over and find the cold part of the pillow. It just feels so right and so perfect. Like putting together a lego set. That's what this position feels like. It's the perfect balance of comfort and affection.



I'll leave you with this... Spoon the way you want to spoon! Just make sure you're showing affection while ensuring comfort for you and your partner. It's not a crime to roll out of the spoon if you can't get comfortable for a good night of sleep. Just don't do the "limp arm." 

While I consider myself a self proclaimed top 5 cuddler in the universe, I might have missed a spooning position. Give us your reaction, favorite spooning positions, or helpful techniques, by tweeting @dozebeds. 


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