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Introducing: Doze

Posted on April 24, 2016


About 7 months ago, we started a company with the goal of providing a ridiculously comfortable memory foam mattress, for an affordable price, delivered straight to your door. Many of you know this company as Tuck. The response from our customers, social media followers, friends, and family was, and continues to be, amazing. We’re proud to have helped people across the country get a great night sleep by providing them with a bed they love. 

We’re more committed than ever to make it easy for people to get the best memory foam mattress. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be continuing to deliver great sleep under a new name: (drumroll………….) Doze!

Not only do we have a shiny new name, but here are a few other exciting changes that we want to share with you:


What’s New 


What’s the Same



If you’re still reading this, you may be a loyal customer/follower of ours who is thinking “what the hell is this nonsense, I miss Tuck”.

We understand... But keep in mind that the only constant in life is change, and we're confident that if you give it a chance, you'll grow to love our new name as much as we do.

If that doesn't put your mind at ease, here are some other famous name changes that may have seemed scary at first, but turned out to be defining moments of positive change:


Calvin Broadus Jr. → Snoop Dogg → Snoop Lion



Pete's Super Submarines → Subway



Ron Artest → Metta World Peace



BackRub → Google



We couldn't be more excited to introduce Doze to the world and we appreciate your support as we continue to provide great mattresses for all!

Brendan Rice & Russell Suskind // Co-Founders

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