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The Top 5 Cuddling Positions

Posted on April 11, 2016

As a self proclaimed top 5 cuddler in the universe (yet to be validated by anyone), I felt compelled to explore and shed light on the various cuddling techniques found around the world. 

Off the bat, you might be asking yourself, “Why don't any of these people in the drawings have hands, feet, faces, or a gender?” That’s a great question. To put it quite simply, I absolutely suck at drawing faces or extremities so they had to be eliminated.

Anyways, check out these bedtime formations and tweet us your favorite cuddling positions @DozeBeds. As always, our favorites will win some Doze swag.

The Great Divide

As you can see in the picture on the right, the “Great Divide” is characterized by a lack of physical contact. The couple, in this case, is making a conscious decision not to touch each other while snoozing.

Analysis: Personally, I’m not a fan of the “Great Divide.” Where’s the fun there? That said, some people just don’t like being touched when sleeping and I completely get that. 

The Rookie

Originated in 17th century Britain, the “Rookie” is a beginners move in the world of cuddling. Often explored by new couples or first timers, the "Rookie" lets the other person know you’re there without crossing the barrier for being too intimate. It’s a rather easy formation that requires just the slightest bit of touching. I would suggest a little hand holding maybe or even a little footsy action.

Analysis: If you’re just starting a relationship, this is the move for you!


The Traditional

Also known as the “Classic” or “Spooning,” the “Traditional” is the most common form of cuddling used by approximately 87.7% of partners. In this formation, one individual (usually the larger person) takes the role as “big spoon” by wrapping his or her arm around the “little spoon.” Side note, you can explore switching roles between big spoon and little spoon! As depicted in the picture, you can even spice it up a bit by adding the leg crossover move.

Analysis: Absolutely love the “Traditional.” It just feels right! Personal question here for all of our loyal readers: Where is your other hand supposed to go to avoid having it fall asleep when playing big spoon? I understand one hand goes around the little spoon but then I’m always confused about where to put my other hand.


Turn up the heat! The “Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer” formation is for experienced cuddlers only as it involves some tangled body parts and heavy breathing. Basically, you and your partner are just giving each other a big time hug.

Analysis: Termed after the famous Elton John song, how can you not love this technique? Be aware: you have to feel pretty comfortable with your partner to execute this formation.


Don’t get too excited… The Ménage À Trois is characterized by the inclusion of a dog or cat into your cuddling routine. The positioning of your pet doesn’t matter, as they are in the bed and within petting distance.

Analysis: This move is the f***ing “cats pajamas and the bees knees.” Cuddling with your dog? Yes please.

Those are our favorite cuddling moves! Let us know yours by tweeting us @DozeBeds.

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